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CSB Ratings

If I could feel the bag . . .

The problem with on-line shopping is that you can't feel the products.  It inspires questions such as: 

"Will this bag hold up to what I need?"

"How thick (or thin) is this vinyl bag compared to that one?"  

I have decided to assist Clear Safety Bag shoppers by rating the bags offered on this site.  This is an informal system based upon my handeling of the products and customer comments.

Head of the Class:  It's the best I have found.  High in durability with quality workmanship.  Vinyl is often 20 gauge and/or double layers for strength.

Active Duty:  These are great quality bags.  While no vinyl bag will survive rough treatment for long, these bags are better than most for durability.  Workmanship, materials, and design allow for daily use.

Moderate Duty:  Nice bags for style.  They are perfect for the lighter load.  They may be constructed of a thinner vinyl or by design need a bit more care.

Light Duty:  These bags are unique and pretty.  Use them with care to enjoy their clear advantages longer.  Often a lower gauge (thinner) vinyl. 

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